Delfinfoto tatt av Thomas Morel

«One of the biggest challenges in my style of working is to create enough light to block out all ambient light, both when I shoot under water as above the surface. This way I can control all elements I wish to visualise in the image, and get to show you exactly what I want you to see.
This is already hard enough shooting above water, but for this shoot I had to illuminate the dolphins at 20 meters distance, and under water. This really puts the equipment to the test, and I am totally depending on reflectors that can bundle the light as concentrated as possible so that I don’t lose any light to spots where I don’t need it. The Para’s are really powerful tools to achieve this, as well as the mini-satellite.
As you know, the more volume the powerpacks produce, the slower the flash duration becomes. Because I am specialized in freezing the moment that goes by too rapidly to see, I need to use gear that produce a flash duration of at least 1/3500 sec, @ T01. To achieve this, I need to combine powerful lamp heads like the Pulso G-twin, powerpacks like the Scoro or Move 1200L and reflectors like the Para or Satellite to bundle the light as powerfully as possible.»

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