Condom challenge – Stop the Motion with Move

The condom challenge is a challenge where you drop a water filled condom on a persons head with the goal to make it stick on their head. Kind of bizarre challenge but it’s quite fun.

Foto © Andreas Varro Foto © Andreas Varro Foto © Andreas Varro

There were several challenges with creating this image series. The first is to be technically “freeze” (stop the motion) of the water and artistically make it look good. I created this with special professional flash (light) equipment that basically can stop any motion. For that I used a broncolor Move 1200 flash pack with up to 1/20.000 of a second. Another challenge is finding somewhere to shoot this because dropping 50 condoms filled with water makes can flood an entire room. I ended up buying a huge inflatable pool, I placed a chair in the middle of the pool and had the model sit on the chair, this way I would ensure that my whole photo studio wouldn’t be filled with water. One of the models would stand on a portable stair case and on my command they would drop the water filled condom and I had to have a precise timing to take the picture when the condom was at the right level. I used a 150cm cm octabox from front/right and a 30x120cm strip box from the back with honeycomb grid to get a nice back light. I always shoot tethered to my Mac Pro so that I can review the images on a larger screen, I also have an external backup of the images at the same time.

Post Production (photoshop)
A third challenge was to get a good composition of the models and the condom. Depending on how you drop the condom (straight from above or a little from the side) the exploding water will take of to different angles. I knew that we wouldn’t get a good images on the first try on all eleven models. This would mean that all clothing on the models would be wet if we didn’t succeed on the first try. Because of this I made a composite (added two images together) in photoshop. So all the images where the shirts are dry is created from several images, one image of the clothing that I shot before and one image with the face, condom and water. This is where photoshop is a great tool. I also did a lot of “dodging and burning” with curves layers to get more of a three dimensional effect in the images. I blended some coloured solid layers into the images to get a nice blu/greenish tone. Afterwards i added some sharpness to the images to bring out the details in the skin, clothing and water.


Lightning Setup
The advantage of the move pack for this is obviously the flash duration, but also the consistency of light and white balance. For a battery pack it delivers a relly good amount of light. So far I’ve never been in a situation where I don’t have enough light. I also love that the model light is daylight balanced for simpler video shooting, which is great. But thats another subject from this project. Another thing I like about the pack is that it’s small and portable. I’ve been using your competitors battery pack for faster flash duration and it’s heavy/bulky. As a commercial photographer I carry a lot of gear around, everywhere I can save weight is gold. When I fist was looking to invest in gear with fast flash duration I looked at several brands but I found out that broncolor was better in about every aspect. It’s smaller, more powerful, faster flash duration, daylight balanced model light and same or better build quality. I obviously use the Move 1200 L pack with 60x100cm Softbox, 30x120cm Strips and 150cm Octabox.

I’m Andreas Varro, 31 years old an located in Sweden working as a commercial photographer and digital artist in the area of Stockholm/Örebro with photo studio in both cities. I started my commercial career in 2010 and have worked with both small and global brands. My speciality is creating creative concept images which means images that no one else have. I use photoshop as a tool where i can photograph different images (composite) and add them together to create a story in the image. Kind of artistic storytelling.

This project is a personal project which means that there is no client involved. I do personal projects from time to time so that I can evolve my photography and retouching techniques and to be able to do images just the way I want them.

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