Behind the scenes med Julie Christine Krøvel: Profoto OCF Color Effects Gel Filter og Hasselblad H6D-50

The idea for this campaign was to mix different colours extracted from Cecilie Melli’s AW16 collection. Me and Cecilie ( the designer) agreed upon to create a sexy warm tone/ look. Our inspiration was a touch of 90´s fashion look, hard contrast and lots of colours.


Instead of using the traditional gel filters which takes a lot more time to switch, I decided to use the ready made gel filters from the Profoto OCF Color Effects Gel Filters pack which made me switch back and forth  very quickly and easy.

At first I started using complementary colours like yellow and blue  for harmony. But I quickly decided to break all traditional rules, just playing instead. Doing just exactly what looked beautiful, sexy and edgy. Baaaam, and the result was great, I had to adjust the f-stops up and down 2-3 steps and experimenting a bit.

The gel filters gave very different exposures using the different shaping tools. But we quickly made friends, the filters and me.

The location was in big hotel suite in Oslo. Blocked all excisting daylight so I could see the colours  behaving and contrasts enhancing jewellery structure/ glow, using modelling light with the B1’s. Around noon the temperature inside the suite was turning up to 35 degrees with all flash and daylight lamps and crew. Bikini would be the perfect work outfit for some of us. Anyway. Turn on the music, drink coffee or water, shut up, have fun, work and get into the the groove! Dance!

All my light and colour temperature is created on set in my exposures, no adjustments later other then a slight curve/ contrast adjustment. Almost like in in the old days on film.

I used Profoto shaping tools such as the small deep umbrella, two beauty dishes with grid, on B1s switching between beauty dish and deep umbrella as either the main or hair light. For some daylight/ flash exposure mix I used a Pro Daylight 400w and a B4 1000W AIR for fill light on flash sync times. Tethered shooting with Hasselblad H6D and a 35-90mm.

In one of the pictures the model was lying on the bed with me standing over her. I was holding the B1 with beauty dish in my  one hand and my heavy H6 camera in the other hand, balancing on a soft madrass moving the beauty dish in circle axis over her face her in order to find the perfect light. A real work out for me and the model looked a bit worried from time to time, she was afraid the camera would fall on her. But I can assure you I´m well trained and have strong arms, no worries I told her. I have carried heavy equipment for 14 years. Professional photography makes you strong as I tell my children, it really does!

The result was superb, my customer was very happy,  the campaign is now published in prints and web.

I´m especially happy for the B1 lamps and the adapter for the gel pack, making it so easy to switch rapidly. More to come using these..

Here´s some of  the results.

screenshot2016-09-07at01-26-51 screenshot2016-09-07at01-26-55 screenshot2016-09-07at01-27-11 screenshot2016-09-07at01-27-16 screenshot2016-09-07at01-28-40 screenshot2016-09-07at01-28-45 screenshot2016-09-07at01-28-52 screenshot2016-09-07at01-28-56 screenshot2016-09-07at01-28-59 screenshot2016-09-07at01-31-14 screenshot2016-09-07at01-31-18 screenshot2016-09-07at01-31-23

Julie – Prinsessen av Frogner – Hasselblad Ambassador // @hasselblad_official

Julie benyttet blant annet dette utstyret:

Profoto OCF Color Effects Gel Filter Pack

Profoto B1 500 Air TTL

Profoto Umbrella Deep Silver Small

Profoto Beauty Dishes with grid

Profoto ProDaylight 400 Air

Profoto Pro-B4 Air 1000W

Hasselblad H6D-50

Hasselblad 35-90mm f4-5,6 HCD

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